Professional Development

The BPA continues to raise standards by encouraging professionalism in parking. This commitment ensures that skills and qualifications are always at the heart of our thinking. We have delivered a significant amount in this area and we are proud of the direction in which we are heading. Among our various achievements, we have secured accreditation for new qualifications and approved a full suite of new standards.

2013 brought the launch of a whole new membership category, exclusively for individuals (as opposed to companies or organisations), to support and recognise their professional development. If you are an individual looking for recognition of your experience in the parking profession or would like support or advice during your on-going professional development, then individual membership is for you. Read more on our join us pages.

The success of our work has shown that the profession is increasingly hungry for more. Our website includes specific content on learning and development and features regular updates and information

The Professional Development and Standards Board

This page outlines the constitution of the board that now drives our work, how this relates to you and why it is so important. From here, you can find details of those elected to represent the BPA as we drive our professionalism agenda forward, as well as information on our key business aims and some headlines on things to watch out for in the world of parking skills and qualifications.

Parking Qualifications

Here we have endeavoured to bring you all the latest information on qualifications that are specific to the parking profession, along with any other information you might need when considering them.

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