Media activity - 2013/14


  • Patrick appeared on BBC Radio Northampton discussing resident's parking permits

October 2014

  • Dave spoke to BBC Radio Coventry regarding local authority parking and the CCTV ban

September 2014

  • Dave spoke to BBC Radio Coventry regarding parking at railway stations

July 2014

  • Statements issued in response to Daily Mail campaign
  • Kelvin spoke to Radio Berkshire and Radio Northants about wayfinding (or how to find your car in a car park)
  • Patrick recorded an interview with BBC Rip-Off Britain regarding hospital parking
  • Patrick spoke to BBC News South East regarding yellow lines

June 2014

  • Statement issued to BBC Watchdog regading private parking companies
  • Statements issued to London Live & BBC Radio Northants regading 'confusing parking signs'
  • Kelvin spoke to BBC Radio Coventry regarding confusing parking signs
  • Patrick appeared on BBC Watchdog highlighting the private land appeals service (POPLA)
  • Patrick spoke to BBC You & Yours

May 2014

  • Kelvin spoke generally about Park & Ride with BBC Radio Essex
  • Kelvin clarified with BBC Radio Devon the appeals process

April 2014

  • Radio 2's Jeremy Vine asks Kelvin why pay & display machines don't give change
  • Kelvin speaks to BBC Radio Tees about new parking charges in Yarm
  • BBC Radio Three Counties talks to Jo Audley about PCNs, confusing signs, appeals and outsourcing enforcement
  • Kelvin spoke to BBC Radio Cornwall and West Midland regarding latest PCN figures
  • Dave spoke to BBC Radio Tees regarding CCTV regulations
  • BBC Radio Newcastle and Jo Audley discuss the challenges of managing hospital parking
  • BBC Radio Coventry speaks to Dave Smith about the proposed CCTV ban and the size of parking bays
  • BBC Radio Coventry discusses residential parking permits and costs with Jo Audley

March 2014

  • BBC Radio Scotland seeks clarification from Kelvin on private parking, legalities and the BPA Code of Practice
  • BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester quizzes Kelvin on new limited waiting restrictions to prevent all day free parking
  • BBC Radio Lincolnshire asks Kelvin what makes a good parking person?
  • Kelvin writes for DMUK highlighting disability parking issues
  • BPA outlines the issues of introducing new £1 coin to the national press

February 2014

  • Patrick outlines the Parking Summit debate and outcomes to the national press
  • Kelvin talks to BBC Radio Derby regarding ANPR systems in hospital car parks
  • Kelvin discusses residential parking permits as hospital parking overspills with BBC Radio Leeds

January 2014

  • CCTV article written for Professional Security Magazine
  • Kelvin discusses parking policies in relation to the Transport Select Committe's Report with BBC Radio Leeds
  • Patrick discusses grace periods with Radio 5 Live
  • Sky News interview with Patrick to discuss grace periods after paid-for parking has expired 
  • BPA issued a press release regarding station parking charges and the Safer Parking Scheme
  • BPA responds to the Daily Telegraph's enquiries into Local Authority parking charges



  • BPA issued a press release in response to the RAC Foundation report on local authority parking charges
  • Kelvin informed listeners of BBC Radio Coventry & Wiltshire on the differences between public and private car park operators, POPLA and appeals services
  • Kelvin joined discussions on BBC Radio Northampton on various parking issues and dispelled the myths surrounding mother & baby parking and disabled parking on private land


  • Kelvin gave an inteview to Shopping Centre Magazine (out December) regarding good operating practice and retail parking in 2014
  • Kelvin discussed various parking payment methods with BBC Radio Kent that can make parking less hassle


  • BPA issued a press release in response to the Transport Select Commitee's Report on local authority parking
  • BPA issued a press release explaining potential for change in regulation of parking on private land in Northern Ireland
  • BPA issued a press release outlining 12 months of achievement in private parking sector
  • Patrick spoke to BBC Radio Derry regarding comments made by Paul Frew MP on better regulation of parking in Northern Ireland
  • BPA issued a statement to BBC Radio Belfast on the issues raised by Paul Frew MP


  • Patrick spoke ITV Meridian on parking after clamping
  • Kelvin spoke to BBC radio (syndicated thoughout the UK), Radio 5 Live and Radio 4's You and Yours programme regarding CCTV/ANPR in parking management
  • Kelvin spoke to BBC Gloucestershire about parking in towns and high streets


  • Kelvin spoke to BBC Hereford & Worcester about private parking
  • Patrick spoke to the Daily Mail regarding bailiffs
  • Patrick appeared on LBC radio regarding bailiffs
  • Kelvin appeared on Radio 5 Live regarding town planning and high streets
  • Kelvin provided a statement to the Kent Messenger on 'grace periods' when entering and leaving car parks
  • Patrick appeared on BBC Radio Essex regarding Park & Ride schemes
  • BPA released an Opinion Statement on perceived Council surpluses from parking revenue
  • Kelvin recorded an interview for BBC Radio Kent on foreign registered vehicles 


  • Patrick appeared on Radio 5 live discussing Penalty Charge Levels
  • Patrick appeared on LBC Radio discussing Penalty Charge Levels
  • Patrick was interviewed for Rip Off Britain regarding POPLA (to be broadcast in September)
  • Patrick spoke to The Times regarding the cost of parking for motorists
  • Patrick met with Century Films regarding their upcoming BBC documentary series
  • Kelvin Reynolds appeared on BBC Radio Wales to discuss the review of Penalty Charge Notices
  • BPA, Approved Operator Scheme and POPLA featured on BBC1 - Your Money, Their Tricks
  • BPA issued a press release to launch its 2013-14 Master Plans


  • Kelvin appeared on Radio Three Counties discussing parking charges and the Portas Review
  • Patrick appeared on Radio 5 Live regarding the Transport Select Committee and motorists appealing tickets
  • BPA issued letters to the Sunday Times and Evening Standard regarding the POPLA Annual Report
  • BPA issued responses to BBC Your Money, Their Tricks regarding feature on private parking
  • BPA issued a press release to welcome the launch of the first POPLA annual Report


  • BPA issued a press release regarding reinforcing the view that primary role of policing is to prevent crime
  • BPA issued a statement to Watchdog regarding local authority parking charges 



  • The BPA contributed to a Blog on disabled parking on
  • Kelvin Reynolds appeared on BBC Radio Coventry to dicusss local authority parking charges 
  • Kelvin Reynolds appeared on BBC Radio Foyle to the AOS and parking on private land
  • The BPA has recently responded to the Transport Select Committee’s Consultation on Local authority parking enforcement.
  • Patrick Troy appeared on BBC Radio 4 consumer show You and Yours to discuss POPLA, the Approved Operator Scheme and private parking in relation to the recent expulsion of a member.
  • Following an interview with BPA Chief Executive Patrick Troy, The Economist produced an article in defence of parking charges.
  • The BPA responded to both press and TV enquiries after a speech made by Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles at the Conservative Spring Conference regarding parking.
  • The BPA met with Century Films regarding the production of a new series of programes following the BBC Parking Mad documentary.

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