Parking Workforce Survey

The UK Parking Sector Skills Strategy was launched in 2007, and its delivery was completed in 2011. The purpose of the strategy was to raise standards across the profession by improving the quality of training and development and increasing opportunities for skills advancement.

In 2011, the BPA decided to assess the impact of the strategy, so that our findings could inform the BPA's Five Year Strategy for 2012–17. To achieve this, it was necessary to have an up-to-date and reliable profile of the size and structure of the parking workforce in the UK. With this goal in mind, the BPA commissioned Pye Tait Consulting to carry out research with employers and stakeholders in the parking profession.

The commissioned research was completed and, in August 2011, the research findings were published in the final report of the 2011 Workforce Survey.

Headline findings

  • The parking profession is estimated to consist of 927 organisations (542 private sector organisations and 385 public sector organisations).
  • The parking profession workforce is estimated to consist of 82,000 direct employees (72,000 private sector workers and 10,000 public sector workers).
  • Each parking organisation employs an average of 81.8 staff (132.5 in the private sector and 25.6 in the public sector). Just over two thirds of employees are male and 85% work in full-time positions.
  • Generally, the workforce is now better qualified. We have seen a reduction in employees with no formal qualifications. Around 39% of employees hold a highest qualification at level 2.
  • However, employers have identified some challenges ahead and feel there is a need for more job-specific learning and development.
  • The general feeling held by employees is that the parking profession has improved over the last five years in terms of professionalism, job satisfaction and consistency. Opportunities for learning and development have also improved.

Background documents

The documents below provide information on the historical context behind the 2011 Parking Workforce Survey:

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