The British Parking Association has released A Consumer Guide for Parking on Private Land, alongside a parking guide with consumer organisation Which? to ensure motorists know what they need to about where to park, whether on a public road or private land .

The guides supplement the information on the BPA’s website about the implications on private parking brought about by the recent introduction of the Protection of Freedoms Act on 1st October. The guides collectively inform the motorist of the changes and their implications, as well as providing information on why they might receive a ticket, who polices ticketing and the rules of successful parking.

The Consumer Guide for Parking on Private Land outlines what the BPA’s Approved Operator Scheme code of practice regulates as well as clearly outlining signage requirements, how to appeal a ticket and what a motorist should look for when given a parking ticket or charge. The Protections of Freedoms Act brought in an Independent Appeals Service (POPLA) on the 1st October which means that motorists can now appeal to an independent adjudicator, ensuring fairness for both parties  .

The Which? guide focuses on making the issues motorists need to consider clear whilst answering questions the motorist may have. It clearly differentiates between parking on private and public land and clarifies how on-street, public off-street and private off-street parking are all policed differently, including the type of tickets. It also outlines what you should do before leaving your parked car and where you can park.

Patrick Troy, Chief Executive of the British Parking Association commented, “The guides we have produced, including the one in partnership with Which?, help the motorist to be aware of the changes in the law and the best ways to avoid getting ‘caught out’ by the differences between private and public car parking. They aim to simplify parking and answer any questions the motorist may have in an accessible format.”

Michael Briggs, Head of Cars and Technology Research, Which? Said: "Our guide makes parking easier, cheaper and less stressful. It shows where you can park and safely and legally, and offers guidance on how to appeal if you do get a ticket. We also explain the new rules around clamping. Don't get caught out; keep a copy of the Which? and BPA Parking Guide in your glovebox."

The Which? Guide to Parking can be downloaded here.

The Consumer Guide to Parking on Private Land can be downloaded here .

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