09/11/2015 - November edition of Parking News out now

The November 2015 edition of Parking News magazine is now available for BPA members to access online. This month's edition is centered around the use of LED lighting in car parks. Feature on this topic include a run-down of the benefits of a... read more

09/11/2015 - Monday Musing: Check your watch when you park

After overstaying in a private car park by 56 minutes in April 2013, Mr Beavis saw his appeal against a parking charge notice issued by Parking Eye reach the highest court in the land last week, the UK’s Supreme Court. Mr Beavis questioned the amo... read more

04/11/2015 - British Parking Association calls for Summit following Supreme Court decision

The British Parking Association (BPA) welcomes the Supreme Court decision which provided clarity on the use of contract law for parking on private land.  The ruling supported the view of the Court of Appeal judges in April this year and that... read more

03/11/2015 - Healthcare sector leads the way with revolution in parking professionalism

The British Parking Association (BPA) today launches the Professionalism in Parking Accreditation (PiPA) with a special event attended by stakeholders and parliamentarians at the House of Commons, Westminster. PiPA is the BPA’s new accredit... read more

03/11/2015 - We launched the Professionalism in Parking Accreditation (PiPA)

In November 2015 we launched the first parking accreditation for landowners which incorporated high standards for parking across the organisational aspects and in the car park. This is called the Professionalism in Parking Accreditation (PiPA... read more

02/11/2015 - Monday Musing: Incentives won’t change parking habits, according to quiz

More than 6,000 people have taken our parking quiz launched at the end of August to promote Park Mark across the UK. Perhaps not surprisingly over half have discovered they are a “perfect parker”. The quiz was developed to encou... read more

26/10/2015 - Monday Musing: Parking Wars – Pavement Parking

Why Parking Wars? It’s not that you have a baddy and a goody, it isn’t the Empire Vs the Rebel alliance. The council and private operators are managing the parking to ensure safe and successful high streets and town centres. Do the public know this? read more

19/10/2015 - Monday Musing: We are sticking to our guns

29th July last year marked the end of the Daily Mail’s so called campaign against clamping and rogue parking operators and after months of hard work to get the true story out there we wrote a blog to celebrate; You’re out of bullets Daily Mail… ... read more

12/10/2015 - Monday Musing: Passionate about Parking

It’s a bit obvious that we are passionate about parking. Public perceptions of parking can often be negative but our annual conference is a positively enjoyable experience and one not to be missed! The event showed that parking isn’t... read more

05/10/2015 - Monday Musing: 100 days

One hundred days ago tomorrow we launched our Master Plan for Parking for 2015-16. We stood on the Terrace Pavilion in the House of Commons and told the government that the BPA are working diligently to raise standards in the parking profession... read more