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03 July 2012

ICO launches IT security guide for small businesses


The Information Commissioner's Office has published a new guide for small and medium sized businesses to provide clear, practical guidance to help make IT systems safe and secure.

The guide includes a checklist, as well as more detailed advice on securing data on the move; keeping systems up to date; keeping an eye out for problems; knowing what you should be doing; and minimising the data you keep.

Mike Cherry, Policy Chairman at the Federation of Small Businesses, said:

"It's important that the ICO have published this guidance specifically for small businesses. Good IT and data security should be part and parcel of good business practice and businesses should think about the simple steps that they can put in place to achieve this. The guidance should help businesses do this."

The ICO have already penalties totalling over £2 million to organisations that have failed to keep personal data secure, the Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, has reminded businesses that:

"Following this guidance is not just about minimising risk. Businesses that prioritise the safety of their customers' personal data will have a real competitive advantage."

Copies of the guide are now available to order - free of charge - on the publications page of the ICO website.

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