Membership fees and classification

BPA Corporate Membership Fees

Our latest membership fees are available here.

Please note: there is no joining fee. All fees are payable annually in advance.

Classification - To determine your membership type and the appropriate fees to pay, choose the category your organisation falls under.

Scale - Select the appropriate scale based on your organisation's parking related turnover.


If your organisation is involved in any form of off-street enforcement then you must also become a member of an Accredited Trade Association such as the BPA's Approved Operator Scheme (AOS). Fees for the scheme are below.

View the 2015-16 AOS fees (pdf)

The AOS is a non-profit making, fee-based scheme and the management and operation of the scheme (including the compliance monitoring programme) is directly funded by the fee revenue.

Independent Appeals Service Fees

It is a requirement of Government that the IAS will be funded by the parking profession. Therefore, when you receive the membership invoice for joining the AOS, you will also be charged a fee for the set-up and maintenance of the IAS, as detailed in the fees document above. 

As with AOS membership fees, the charge is based on your parking related turnover (as detailed in the document above). Please be aware that each member will be charged £27 for every appeal that is processed by the service. 


How to join the BPA as a corporate member

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