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This area is specifically for Local Authority Members who may have parking related issues or questions.

Our aim is to create a dedicated Knowledge Sharing Centre where anyone working in parking or traffic management for a Local Authority can find information and advice on a related topic.

We also have a dedicated Forum for Local Authority members which can be accessed here  

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Fixed Penalty Notices

An issue for Local Authorities is one of spurious claims by members of the public and how best to respond to these claims. Read the artcile below by clicking on the links then view an example response letter here

You're notices in Action

Fraudulent coercion of voluntary payments 

The Queen on the Application of Neil Herron & Parking Appeals Ltd and The Parking Adjudicator and others - Court of Appeal Judgement

The following judgement will be of importance to Local Authorities, specifically regarding appeals on the basis of small technical deficiencies in signs and lines.   As this is a Court of Appeal decision it is a binding precedent.

To read the judgement in full click here   

Parking management, regulation and enforcement is an essential public service, serving the whole community.

The BPA had become aware of growing public concern about the implementation of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE), as evidenced by the increasing media interest, some of which had been exaggerated and sensationalist, but nevertheless reflected broad public disquiet. At the same time DPE had been in place for about ten years and a review was therefore timely.

To try to understand this concern, the BPA commissioned Richard Childs, former Chief Constable of Lincolnshire, to undertake an independent review of DPE. With support from the Department for Transport, the BPA set up a steering group to guide theproject.

This report is the outcome of that review.The steering group guided Richard on factual matters and debated some of the issues with him but the content of the report reflects Richard's findings, personal views and recommendations. The BPA does not necessarily agree with all Richard's comments and recommendations but feels that the work is of sufficient merit to be published unabridged.

To view and download the report click here 

Blue Badge Reform

For the latest information and updates regarding the blue badge reform please see our dedicated section here

Advice for local authorities regarding people with severe temporary impairments (June 2012)

Parking Practice Notes

PPN's can be found here

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