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The European Parking Association is the umbrella organisation of 19 European national parking organisations.

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In autumn 1980 the members of the various European parking associations met in Vienna for the first time in order to find a way of a co-operation on an international level. As a result of this meeting, an executive committee was founded which was to prepare the foundation of the European Parking Association.

In autumn 1983, 9 European parking associations met in Madrid to institute the EPA. Since that time there have been 16 national European parking associations which have joined up in the European Parking Association. Thus the EPA has become the umbrella organisation of all the European carpark enterprises which are members of their respective national associations.

In March 1989 "Parking Trend International" is published for the first time. It is the Europe wide organ of the EPA and contains reports on the parking business in Europe as well as on the parking business in the individual national associations. In January 2010 the magazine has been successfully relaunched.

Every two years, the EPA hosts an international congress on which the problems and perspectives of stationary traffic in connection with the traffic development in the cities of Europe are discussed. Renowed personalities from politics and science are among the guests and the active participants of the EPA congress which additionaly offers an opportunity to the manufacturers, suppliers and others active in this field to promote their products and services on the accompanying shows.

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