Information Notes

BPA Information Notes are produced in conjunction with other organisations to allow us to inform our members about key information that may be of use to them and their members.

Local Authority Use of Fixed ANPR Cameras in Off-street Car Parks - December 2013

Parking and Town Centre Prosperity (May 2013)

What is the Parking on Private Land Appeals (PoPLA) service? - January 2013

Witness Statement Issues and Contempt of Court Cases - October 2011

Execution of Warrant Information Note - March 2011

PCN Codes List - version 6..6 - March 2011

Treasury postpones introduction of new 5p and 10p coins - 22nd February 2011

Blue Badge Information Note - February 2010

TEC/BPA Focus Group - August 2010

DVLA/BPA Focus Group report - July 2010

Parking Charges and Temporary VAT Reduction - November 2008

Due Diligence for CPE Enforcement Authorities - August 2008

Civil Enforcement Officers and Additional Duties - March 2008

Two Tier Authorities and Reg9 PCN - February 2008

Reg9 PCN and Payment Dates - February 2008

Tariff and Information Boards - January 2008



The BPA is unable to provide legal advice to anyone, including its members; the information provided in Information Notes and FAQs is the best available information from appropriate sources and / or the sharing of knowledge and best practices. It should not be taken as legal advice, and is intended only to help and support people preparing for CPE. The BPA cannot be liable for any consequential loss or disadvantage.

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