Healthcare Parking

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Our revised and updated Healthcare Parking Charter aims to strike the right balance between being fair to patients, visitors and staff ensuring facilities are managed effectively for the good of everyone.

The Charter, which was first published in 2010, is aimed at both managers of healthcare facilities and car park operators. The BPA are keen for both to recognise the importance of car parking policy in terms of the wider transport strategy and the need to manage traffic and parking in line with demand and environmental needs.

We aim to increase public confidence in parking and parking management through the setting and raising of standards across the sector and believe that providing, managing and charging for parking at healthcare facilities needs to be seen in the context of delivering a better and fairer service to users.

Whilst many people attending healthcare facilities, either as patients or visitors, expect car parking to be free, the limits on space, costs involved and demand for spaces means that car parking needs to be managed properly. Often the most effective way to do this is by charging for parking.

This recognises:

  • the value of a car parking space
  • the needs of other users of the facility
  • the environmental impact of driving and,
  • the need to maintain and improve car parks by reinvesting income

We believe that both managers of healthcare facilities and car park operators should recognise the importance of professionalism in delivering their services and providing a high standard of customer care and we encourage both to sign up to this Charter and to abide by its letter and spirit.

The BPA has produced a Toolkit for new signatories containing a copy of the Charter, posters for display inside facilities and vinyl stickers of the Charter logo for use on signage.

A number of NHS Trusts and car park operators have already added their names to the Charter. A full list can be found here

View the BPA Charter for Healthcare Parking

If you would like sign the charter and have your name added to the published list, please contact Dave Smith


Macmillan Cancer Support offer some useful and practical advice regarding hospital parking and their advice to always ask specific NHS Trusts for information is important. Hospital parking varies from one Trust to another so make sure you always ahve relevent information for the specific hospital you are visiting. Visit the Macmillan Cancer Support website for more information.


The BPA has created a list of Healthcare Parking FAQs

To view the work of the Healthcare Special Interest group visit this page

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