BPA Higher Education Member Directory

University name Contact Job title Email address Website link
Canterbury Christ Church University Sian Waghorn   sian.waghorn@canterbury.ac.uk www.canterbury.ac.uk
Keele University Nigel Manning Head of Security & Travel Co-ordinator n.manning@keele.ac.uk www.keele.ac.uk/
Manchester Metropolitan University Andrew Taylor   A.M.Taylor@mmu.ac.uk www.mmu.ac.uk/
University of Birmingham Lorraine Donaghey Support Services l.s.donaghey@bham.ac.uk  www.birmingham.ac.uk/index.aspx 
University of Bradford N/A Estates & Facilities Manager carparking@bradford.ac.uk www.bradford.ac.uk/about/contact/
University of Brighton David Heightley Site Manager - Moulesecoomb d.heightley@brighton.ac.uk www.brighton.ac.uk 
University of Bristol Terry Harriman   terry.harriman@bristol.ac.uk www.bristol.ac.uk/transportplan/parking
University of Dundee Jennifer Ciolfi   j.ciolfi@dundee.ac.uk www.dundee.ac.uk
University of Edinburgh Lyndsey Burns Parking Manager lyndsey.burns@ed.ac.uk www.transport.ed.ac.uk
University of Kent Teresa Curteis   tc212@kent.ac.uk www.kent.ac.uk/estates/transport
University of Leeds Majid Khan Security - Operations Manager m.m.khan@leeds.ac.uk www.leeds.ac.uk
University of Leicester Tim Yates Deputy Director of Estates ty18@le.ac.uk www.le.ac.uk/contact
University of Nottingham Gary Stevens Head of Security gary.stevens@nottingham.ac.uk www.nottingham.ac.uk/
University of Sheffield Darren Hardwick Travel Planner d.hardwick@sheffield.ac.uk www.sheffield.ac.uk/roomandparkingservices
University of Sunderland Andrea Dobson Security Co-Ordinator andrea.dobson@sunderland.ac.uk www.sunderland.ac.uk/
University of Surrey Edward Nelson Facilities Manager e.nelson@surrey.ac.uk www.surrey.ac.uk
University of The West of England Chris Donnelly   chris.donnelly@uwe.ac.uk www.uwe.ac.uk
University of York Diane Meek   diane.meek@york.ac.uk www.york.ac.uk