Annual Reports

Guidance issued under the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) means that enforcement authorities have to produce an annual report about their enforcement activities within six months of the end of each financial year.

Whilst the TMA operates only in England and Wales, enforcement authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland are also encouraged to adopt the principles of publishing an Annual Report about their parking and traffic enforcement activity as it serves to explain to people how important this work is to everyday life in the UK and how effective it is.

In 2007, only a small number of councils produced parking and enforcement reports. Perhaps the most high profile of these was the London Borough of Camden’s Annual Parking and Enforcement Report of October 2007, and Transport for London’s Traffic Enforcement Impact Analysis, Second Annual Report, 2007.

Since then, many more councils have published reports on their parking operations and whilst these have not had to meet the requirements of the TMA and Guidance, they are worth reviewing to see what these authorities have reported and how and in particular, the amount of operational material reported.

However, there is no guidance for councils on producing annual reports, which is why we the BPA has produced a special Parking Practice Note.

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PATROL Annual Report Award

In 2009, the PATROL Annual Report Award was launched to promote and share best practice amongst councils in the production of parking annual reports.

The winner for 2012/13 was announced as Ceredigion Council

The winner for 2011/12 was announced as Torbay Council

The winner for 2010/11 was announced as City of York

The winner for 2009/10 was announced as Sheffield City Council

PATROL provides information about the enforcement of parking tickets as well as parking and bus lane regulations for councils in England (outside London) and Wales that are in the Civil Enforcement Scheme.

It also includes direct links to local information via council websites as well as other relevant links.

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