Benefits of the Safer Parking Scheme

The Safer Parking Scheme really works

 Vehicle related theft fell from 17% of all crime in 2004/05 to 12% in 2012/13 but it has shown a gradual rise since then of 13% in 2014/15 and 13.8% in 2015/16.

Vehicle related crime in non-work car parks has fallen from 16% in 2004/05 to 8% in 2014/15 and 7% in 2015/2016.  Despite the general rise in vehicle related crime, car parks are still safer than the street.

It makes commercial sense that anything you can do to reduce crime and make people feel safer in your parking area will benefit your operation.

Even if your facilities do not experience vehicle related crime, creating an environment where customers feel safe will ensure their repeat custom. Also, displaying a nationally recognised award will help to benchmark your parking facility.


Benefits of membership

  • Demonstrating to your customers a commitment to creating a high quality parking facility that feels safe and has measures in place to reduce levels of crime
  • The consultation services of our expert Area Managers who will work with you to bring your parking facilities to the required standard to achieve the Park Mark award
  • The services of specialised Police Accredited Assessors that will come and assess your facility to ensure that it reaches Park Mark, Safer Parking standards
  • Belonging to a nationwide government backed scheme to reduce crime and improve public services 
  • Holding a prestigious award that benchmarks your parking facility as being one that has measures in place to reduce crime and the fear of crime
  • Free listing of your parking facility on the Park Mark website.


Who can join the Safer Parking Scheme?

Parking facility owners/operators that join the scheme are from a variety of commercial and public sectors, for example:

  • Shopping centres
  • Local authorities
  • Parking operator firms
  • Hospitals
  • Companies providing parking for staff
  • Leisure parks
  • Caravan parks
  • Train operating companies
  • Hotels

A whole range of parking facilities are covered by the scheme, for example:

  • Car
  • Caravan
  • Lorry
  • Bus
  • Coach
  • Cycle
  • Motorbike

The scheme is also open to those organisations or individuals who do not operate or own a car park, but wish to demonstrate affiliation to the scheme as part of their interest in the reduction of crime and the fear of crime in society.

Please note this level of membership does not allow use of the Park Mark logo. Only Accredited car parks that have passed the assessment are permitted to use this logo, which is a registered trade mark.



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