AOS Operator Guide

The Operators’ Guide has been produced to provide advice for members on every aspect of operating on private land. It is intended to provide information for both the private parking operator who may be just starting up or the established operator who wishes to improve and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the private parking sector.  

The Guide has been split into 2 documents: -

AOS Operator Good Practice Guide

AOS Operator Legislation Guide

The Guide cover a number of different issues including:  

  • How to establish contracts with landowners
  • Applicable legislation to private parking operators
  • Appropriate uses of ANPR
  • Guidance on providing parking facilities for the disabled
  • Dealing with abandoned vehicles
  • Advice on protecting vulnerable drivers
  • Data protection principles and handling of personal data
  • Signage recommendations
  • Notices, wording and Notice to Owners

Like the Code of Practice, these Guides are continually evolving documents. If you have any feedback or comments or feel that there is anything that needs to be include, please email Dave Smith

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